Saturday, April 17, 2010


HELOOOO! yeay. i'm back. it has been a while. actually, i was thingking about deleted this blog and make the new ones, but i guess, i'm going to forget it. so here me now. but it is not the real matter,
the truth is, my sister told me to use my blog efficiently. Because she made ones and she put my picture in it! so annoying. okeey, my story so far. i start to rethink the basic reason why i made this blog or what i'm going to share?about my life, hmm. not interesting at all.
i'm thingkin about making fashion blog, but not talkin about me as the fashionista but about girls around my campus, but i also thingking to post my lesson, arabic literature but i'm still dummy and another idea is using this blog to share about my point of views and posting my short story in Bahasa Indonesia. i can't pick ones. hee ;)
so during choosing my own blog topic, its necessary to say good bye for a while :)
bye readers :) mmuah!