Saturday, September 22, 2012


Travelling to Fes and Meknes, Fes is awesome! i think i will be back to Fes once again to see vorubilis, the roman ruin, but Meknes is kinda so-so, may be because i went there in sunday when everything closed, so yeah, here are some photos taken in Old Medina in Fes.

Traveling to Fes and Meknes cost me only 500 dhm without shopping, so when something cheap is coming i'm so satiesfied.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bab-al Had

I'm very blessed to know Mas Sukmahadi before i went to Morocco, he's just very helpful and kind enough to reply all my messages and question. 
i just love Rabat sky, yes?
The king grave with Hassan tower, it should be the tallest tower in the world but the construction is  stopped
He taught me how the busses and tram way working in Rabat, indeed very helpful and the best thing is he took me to Bab al-had, very cheap market and all stuff is made in china! i just can't stand cheap price. Oh God.


First week in school is just like a snap, i'm too busy to just laying in my bed but well, i manage to have one day trip to Casablanca (Dar al abyad) with my classmates. In the morning we took train from Rabat, its only one hour.

75dhm for tix from Agdal-Casa
only 55dhm, bargaining is asian style
the 3rd biggest mosque in the world, if you want take a tour inside, it cost 60 dhm. the first time i went to the mosque and paid for it. moroccons style.
atlantic ocean, first time to see the wave, you literaly could die swimming there, but if you take a look, there r some moroccons who swim, so well, yeah.
@ Rick's cafe, well known as the cafe in Casablanca movie.
Actually Casablanca is more like Jakarta, the busiest and biggest city ever. Not so safe and people is just come and go, its kinda not so lively living there, hehehe.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moroccons style

Life so far..

My guardian angels, my flat mate Eva and Meredith
Its kinda new for me, everything in here. i never knew that i would be this shock living in Rabat, although its very fine city. in here is less populated, less traffic and i find my self enjoying walking. that's new. but two weeks in here is the solid work for me, i miss my family like everyday, i feel itchy all over my body and it was turned out allergy and i don't know what kind allergy is effected my body and my new hobby is eating. i just eat like everytime. i'm tired with all the new activties in class and in club. but at the same time i'm overjoyed to meet new friends and people and i met. 

Monday, September 10, 2012


been accepted as student in Qalam wa Lawh Arabic studies centre in Rabat, Morocco. oke, i'm insane, this is uber cool, madness and insane.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Burj al Khalifa

I've got a chance to stay in Dubai for 8 hours only. Thanks to emirates. 

short trip always makes me happy~

Saturday, September 8, 2012


My graduation ceremony! Congrats for all 2008 UI students. I hope great future waiting us!

Our "temporary" rector, he was ITB rector before.

F4 man and women

its tradition that the new student singin for the graduates

my advisor and head of Arab studies 

my beloved family