Sunday, June 28, 2009

blessing of Allah swt.

sometimes, i will found my self stop doing something when i think about soulmate, wealhty and poverty, life and dead, we have our own destiny which is written by God.
and now, i believe that everything happened to me come for reason.

like today, i've been waiting today since 2 weeks ago, when me and my college friend agree to have a single day trip to Bandung.but everything mess up when widi texted me and said his car is not ready yet and have to be service at the workshop till not certain times.okaaay, it's not his fault,he did his best to fix the car in 2 weeks,thanks for u'r courage widaaay.
but something relief then, i'm just too excited and forget thanks to Allah because the oppourtunity, the chance and the 'rezeky' i have for this vacation. what a stupid, mell!

so here me now, still typing in the middle of the night, finding my self with insomnia.
i believe God has his own plan for me.yes, amel you have to believe it ! aaaahrg.
eventough, i still imagine meet my bf in bandung and having a great great great time together.huff,i just have to keep that for a while..

and now, i have ari si sob, beb ek si ghulam, ami si wameetal taking a good care for me, make me laugh cause their emotion at wlm and beb ek advice at pop chat. thanks God.may their life fullfiled :)
enough for this stupid post, maybe tommorow, i will find my self sleeping in front of my laptop.haaa

PS : zooey deschanel is very gorgeous at Yes man.hahaa

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

high school euphoria.

still in my holiday for boring.i spent my 3 days ago @ bogor, 2 days with my fam and one day with acara serba bisssa wow dahsyat team, haha. thank for the day guys.
but another things i want to share this afternoon is about my high school.
you know that high school is something can not describe perfectly, i would find my self stop typing while writting in my diary bout it. but now, it seems that i am in the most emotional times, haha

i used to be have boy best friend in my high school, spend with him almost 2 years at the same class. but i dunno when it started but our relationship is keeping hard to do, he has another things to handle and i'm keeping busy with my assignment.

and now i completly have no idea who he is, it likes i did not know him anymore.
i just miss my high school times. but life must go on,right ?
like separated song by usher,
So why don't you go your way
And I'll go mine
Live your life, and I'll live mine
Baby you'll do well, and I'll be fine

you know bff,i'll try to figure it out what is wrong.
i still named it BSTFRND, but where r u ? leaving me like this ?
you better try to figure it out too.

Monday, June 8, 2009

my 10 anniversary. and my bf have been together for 10 month today.
but,both of us are keeping busy with another i haven't say congratulation.
moreover,me and him are in the long distance relationship..
it is hard to do,but both of us are kind of couple which is never mind about the distance,
even it was hurt and hard in the beginning,but not the distance who become the rocks,but
the ex who try to break it.hahaaa.
but it's true that long distance is suck and freak and waste a lot of time.
but one thing for sure,i realize that love is not enough to have it,so me & my bf have the commitment to held this even the rocks keeping bigger and bigger and hard to pass it,but
we believe we can :)

now,my second semester is done and i have this holiday for boring,i don't have any plan to go
except bandung.but i don't think my mom will let me go,huff.
so,here me now in front of pc,typing not important thing to share..
waiting my bf replying my sms and just trying to take a nap but i can't :(

Sunday, June 7, 2009

i'm the new comer.

let say i'm indonesian,but i'll try tou use the global language here.
hope you don't mind all my buddies :)
enjoy my new post in short,okaay.