Saturday, October 27, 2012

عــيد مــبارك

since the first time i came here, i noticed that i'll spend Ied Adha in here, i'm kinda nervous because i don't know so many peole at first and yeah it turns out that all Indonesian people who lived in Morocco invited by the embassy to celebrate Ied together, which is super cool, it means free food. kekeke!

this last goat is palying hard to get, btw it from the King

I'm so blessed that Indonesian in Rabat are very kind, they welcoming everybody and we help each other to prepare the BBQ. i also touched by all the people who really nice to talking with me since i'm newbie and stay here only 3 months. Allah is kind.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


The first day i arrived in Rabat, my moroccons friend pick me up with her dad and after one month in here we're kinda busy and always cancelled our hang out time but we manage our saturday afternoon meeting and her family invite me to have lunch in their beautiful house and they served tajine, morocco traditional food which is superb! Thanks to Abla! Love this girl. 

Temara Beach, no wave at all. very dissapointing.

Friday, October 5, 2012

BBQ Party

The funny thing about my school is every month there will be a graduation ceremony for they who'll leave the school after the final exam and presentation, so every last friday in a month we have BBQ party! 

explaining weather and politic in Indonesia in arabic, well~

The system in my school is very simple, just like english course in Indonesia, you can take 2/4 weeks or 12 weeks course and the class is based on placement tets result and they still give you certificate at the end of your course, but it will be better if you stay longer so you gained more studies (ofcourse!) but if you don't have time you can apply for 2 weeks only during your holiday and you still gained much! well,still 8 weeks to go for me and i hope my B3 studies will improve my arabic skill! yeayness ahead, Insha Allah!

home sweet home

Indonesian people don't need visa to stay in Morocco for 90 days and i'll stay here only 89 days so i don't need visa to stay in here, but i met employee of Indonesia embassy in Bab-al had and i have to report and blabla~ well, as a good citizens from Jakarta, i came to the embassy which is super cool and very Indonesia! and every friday they served indonesia lunch for freeeee~ wooohooo!

with 'The princess of Rabat' 
this is uber cool, one full set of gamelan!