Friday, April 22, 2011

love birds

i'm one of the hard to understand type of a human, i keep telling my self that i'm doing the rite thing and wanna do everything perfect, called me perfectionist then..
but time flies, i'm getting busy with middle east festival till i ignore my mom & RW messages and quality time with my besties.
till i found out that i really missed the time we should share, till i really need to tell my mom about everything happened, till i realize how much text messages from him i didn't reply, till i missed the time just to having lunch and praying together with them..
i'm so sorry for everything. 
we did some mistakes, all of us do, but God forgiving His creature so, why we as human didn't?
Ina craft 2011,JCC & Plaza Semanggi


arrived in vocational school and still dark :")
the hallway :") so vintage
inside my bag
my IDcard
passed this monument while using train.

got a change to become one of the national examination independent supervisor few days ago!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Giraffe & Leopard

animal printed, always in trend every season of fashion..

both of giraffe and leopard skin somehow mutual and having you know, their own pattern which is very unique,so based on that fact, me proudly present:

do visit Breakthrough Binder FB to read more about this items :")

Saturday, April 16, 2011

soul sisters

having burgers & having romance chat with my high school sister, Efa and my junior high sister, Icha.
Efa : there's a handsome tutor in my course, who is very smart.
Me : RW is smart, he's good in economic
Efa : yes, my tutor also good in economic, and he's having light skin
Me : RW has.
Efa : and handsome too.
Me : RW handsome..
Efa  : yeah i have to admit he's handsome
Icha : (lazy face, she's so hungry and didn't comment at all)


Monday, April 11, 2011


  1. Dinner or lunch together with my cooking
  2. playing PES 2011 in his house (i don't have PS,hehe)
  3. going to INACRAFT 2011 on wednesday (my wish)
  4. watching movie (it has been six month since the last time)
  5. photobox (his wish)

when he's back i want to have quality time with him, at least one romantic date to cure every mean word i said. for every care that he gave, i really miss you RW, you know why i acted so annoying lately, you know why i called you every nite, i just wanna yell at you and tell you "coming home soon please" :(  :(  :(

Monday, April 4, 2011


today got an assignment to make a poet, happy poetry instead and ended up with stupid word like "flower","blooming","hope","heart", "soul" and another stupid words i've choose, i'm not good at making poetry just so you know Sir, i found my self esteem extremely low while wrtiting it.
also, another assignment from the same lecture to write an essay about Libya, Libya everybodeeeeh! don't you sick of it? aired in every television? printed in every newspaper? just so tired with everything and i don't have spirit to work on my assignment, any love suplement here? need it badly :(

while chatting in YM!..

me: we are 30 months now..
him: don't count it, let time flies brings our love..
me: :P
him:brings our everlasting love..

whatever you do, RW, its just so sweet,thanks for this 30 months and more :)