Saturday, January 29, 2011


long story shorted, BRB joined expo, 3 days in DKIB Building, Science Park, UI from 09.00-15.00 WIB.
so much fun, having such a new family! :)

bakso piramida


dari bahasa Indonesia

Godream sleeping bag

there's a cute baby, Alika :)

Me and Toys

 BRB crews me and Dimas, and our booth! :)

 after all the crave my family had, we decide to have a dinner in Padang restaurant! Yeah! we're not from Padang, but my daddy loves Padang food ever since, so we loves Padang food :)

"Thanks God, for letting me having this experience of life"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

leaving on cathay plane

my overseas besties finally back to south korea last nite.
i'm dealing with a lot of good byes and this one wasn't hard enough.
i guess i'm going to cry really hard, but  i felt different.
when i was standing in front of him and he'll say goodbye..i just thought..
"okay.he'll be back soon."
that's feeling made last nite fun, we laughing and joking all the time.

but time is always ticking and every hello ends with goodbyes.he finally say "Assalamualaikum", greetings in Islam and he push his trolley.

"bye my besties, bye my keiiyong, bye Ahda,i already miss your smile,hope we'll have more phone call"

Sunday, January 16, 2011


after a half of January i've been through, i dont feel like i'm in holiday. i just do my normal activities. i goes to campus like everyday, include saturday.i'm handling this and that, yap and yap. i'm dealing with people,i'm taking care things. just like my daily activities. i still come home late at nite, i skipped dinner and my room still a mess.
this is not how i used to spend my holiday. i keep telling my self what i'm doing rite now is for middle east festival 2011, for Breakthrough Binder, at least i'm taking this while each of my partner having something to do. but don't they notice that i'm just a girl, i need refreshing, i need enjoying my self.i'm not tired yet, i'm not angry.but why i come to this conclusion is when my boyfriend told me that he'll go to Lampung, Bandar Lampung, Sumatera with his college friends this Tuesday. it was like a bomb came after you and waking you up, hello! January is holiday. you need to refresh your mind,your body,your heart,yes.I need that treatment. i need a date, i need a happy times with my family, i need quality time with my Long distance Boyfriend, i need time for my self, at least enjoying something that i really want to, like reading a book. every day i catch up with new things that keep me bussier bussier and bussier. i skipped my course final test and decide to post-poned.i gambling my life with middle east festival and Breakthrough Binder while they just so easy taking this.

and after my partners (from middle east festival and Breakthrough Binder) back from whatever they did. maybe i'll angry,i'll be exhausted, i'll shout to them  "where have you been?" but before it happend, before i got angry not only with them but also my self, i want to tell them that now, at this very moment, i'm still enjoying my self doing this and that..but some day, i need a break, i need to pause my life from this craze.
i need time to study, to have chitchat with my besties, to hang out with them,to cooling down, to have a date with my boy friend, to dinner with my give my self a break.

Friday, January 7, 2011

ice caramel nut latte without cream

i'm asking my self the basic reason i want to make BRB as my 1st project, its all because i want to sell a design, a creativity.. but then i realize that i'm not majoring photoshoped, corel draw, macromedia, or whatever profesionally..and then times goes by and i still did not think bout it seriously..i'm taking middle east festival in heavy weight in my mind and heart till i dont have a lot of time to rethink bout how important BRB in my life, at least the responsibilty to UIYSEP..till i decide to meet my old friend who help me practice for the interview with the judges from UIYSEP..he help me with asking some tricky and killer question that may be i can't answer that and also give me a wish answer..and times flies by..we lost contact,he was busy with his thesis and i'm busy with this and that till today i decide to meet him for my own goodness, for BRB..
after,2,5 hours talking bout BRB,i came up with conclusion that i did not take BRB seriously,i did not have a well done preparation of making BRB and all he asking is just "how far you could taking this seriously?"
that question,only one,but i'm taking it deeply..

Thursday, January 6, 2011

ketoprak & Gado-gado

Ahda my overseas besties finally in town y'all!

spending today with him in faculty of humanities canteen called kansas :)
he accompany me meeting middle east festival and lunch with his favourite menu : ketoprak, batavian traditional food :)
the last time i saw him was in airport,in the middle of 2009. so it has been almost 2 year. i miss him a lot and i'm very happy that he still be my besties, he still tell me a freak jokes, a funny stories and cute dances and speaking korean language i didn't know.but today is fun :)

half hour

i went to sari ater, Ciater, West Java with mom, my youngest sister and my mom friends.
first of all, i dont find any interesting joining my mom to Sari Ater, but when she told me that she'll shop in Cihampelas Walk, i desperately happy and say "count me in" :)
this is the 1st time i went to Ciwalk ;)

because,last time i went to Bandung was with my arabic literature friends in June 2010..
i miss Bandung a lot, specially someone inside that town,yes him.
so i made plan with his friends, Bayu and Dey, they are couples :) the cute ones!

we'll surprise him in ciwalk and sucseed! i'm so happy saw his shock face and he still asking
"why you here.."
"why you didnt tell me" all the time in our 30 minutes togetherness..
if i tell you,its not surprise man :) and we ended up in The Tong Tong restaurant :)
the whole Gank : Deyandri, Bayu R, Teguh S, Randy W, me, Ridho M S


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

not so long holiday

hi all..
after so busy with festival boedaya, final test and preparation of middle east festival..i'm back to blog :) i miss it a lot, miss the time when i was wondering what i have to write and what kind of story i have to tell, but easy guys. i'm on my holiday! yeayyy! :) so happy to hear holiday, i'm going to have superb holiday and i'll tell you plenty of stories that might not boring you.hehe ;)

but not only having a lot spare times i have in my one month holiday,but i have things to do:
1.preparing middle east festival as vice chairman
2.making BRB from UIYSEP 2010 and preparing the exibition! :)

and that two stuff will be my friends for this not so long holiday.hopes there will be plenty of stories and pictures coming through :)

see ya!