Wednesday, March 30, 2011


as the victim of crazy little thing called love, i suddenly miss my girlfriends :"(

 their friendship is touching and makes me cry :"(

my junior high gank,Nails
Adot me Yanda Tasya
we should hang out and heard Yanda story guys :")

senior high gank, NJcrew
Ocha, Mitha, Amoy, me
we were in the same class when we're in the 3rd grade :")

my english course gank
Icha, Fya, me, Atyn
we also have to meet up to have a treat from atyn cause she's just graduated :") congrats girl :)

my college gank, F4 Women
Feny, me, Fitri, Nuni
even we are in the same place everyday, i miss our togetherness girls, i need our quality time :"(

we spent a lot of funny, happy, sad, hard and crazy time together, all of you is my bestfriend, all of you is the best, I MISS YOU ALL GUYS! :)


if there gonna be only "the fisrt, the second and the third" of doing mistake, i'll forgive, but how many times you're gonna made decision by your self without thingking someone else condition nor feeling, somehow you're living with us, not only your self! 

it's not about how long

have you ever wondering why couple could survive in long term realtionship and never get bored with each other? or one couple who struggle in long distance relationship? well well, since a lot of my friend asked me
"how could you?" i tell you how.

since my first year in college i already have a boyfriend, lets call him RW.  he was my course mate and the brightnest one, smart in all the subject we studied and very charming (he was) hehe, the last time i remember why i like him at first was the way he teaching our classmate about some economic graphics and he was the only one who understood the problem and yeah, whatever it was, at that very momment, i like him! well times flies and after we graduated from high school we choose different university, he goes to University of Padjajaran and me University of Indonesia, he took Accounting and me Arabic and we decided to keep this relationship in distance (despite his home and mine only 10 minutes to reach,hehe) 

but surprisingly, the fresh graduated senior high students could maintain the relationship almost 3 years, with a lot of tears, fight & miscommunication and did some break up couple months ago, we made it! yeah! thats why couple who doing LDR having some, you know, something special..
we didn't have lunch everyday together, i walk alone on my way home, we separated for a month and he doing everything without my help and thats okay and thats just the way i want, we want! we want to (still) have our private life privately, we're doing our stuff, like organization and hang out with our own friends and we're okay with that and thats makes dating is just more special than friendship, makes realtionship isn't something we should think at first in our college time but there always be someone who texted you in the morning :") hehe

but, thats only the fun facts, the sad fact is when you need him badly, he's not around and i hate this feeling lately and wanna have him around, asked him to come home earlier and suddenly calling him everynight just to make sure he'll home soon, hehe! but thats the art of Long distance, when you're boyfriend around you 24/7, you missed the time when you should missing him, you're gonna start with unecessary cat fight because you live with his daily life and i'm not okay with that, i'm going to easily boring with our realtionship if he's around,hehe 

so if there's one of you still asking how could? i could do this because me and RW having our commitment to stay close, to maintain this relationship higher and better :)
am i right, Mhaw? :")

Monday, March 28, 2011

puppy love

Have you ever watched this movie?

Don't ever watch this movie if you ever did something stupid for love or waiting him for three years and didn't get nothing, yeah, thank you Nam & P'Shone, i cleary remember what i did for puppy love in junior high --" laughable movie by the way, despite all the touched and deep meaning lies,hehe

PS:trus love do wait ,night all!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our way to Hadramaut!

Finally, after waiting for three years, we finally did it!

we made it Dad, we got through this, no tears, no hard feelings, just laugh :") happy saturday night!
place : Hadramaut Restaurant, Tambak Street, Jakarta

Thursday, March 24, 2011


i'm not good in finding new songs, i  used to find my self stuck in two or three favourite song for at least a month, but since i'm gleek! i updates my playlist every single new episode aired. hehe! but glee was pause in the middle of season, so i'm still listening glee season 2 songs but what caught my heart is this 

*teary eyes*

At Work

After did some cleaning with the project officer i proudly present, Middle East Festival Official Office!
 yeah,since yesterday middle east festival 2011 got a room for doing our own things such as printing, meeting,praying,charging laptop and handphone or just laying down a bit! yeay! so here's some resume for a room we called "Sekre FTT" 

wide enough rite? hehe
so here is my office till Mei the fifth 2011.
gotta spend a lot of time here :")

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


for the love you keep inside,
today is still your special day,
strawberry cheese cake, Ratih Purwasih Songs, our stupid dances,
i missed that.
happy (so called) birthday beloved daddy.
i love you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

double choices

which one i should choose? :")

Pulau Berhala,Jambi

Pulau Waigeo,Papua

i have to choose one of them as my essay object, the beauty is trick me! :"(

Qatar Airways take me away, a sweet escape

Are you familiar with this logo?

If you're not, you may be want to know them deeper, this logo is Qatar Airways logo whom celebrating their 100 destinations with (Drum rolls please) 100 pairs of tickets & amazing privileges Club and Holiday exciting to hear that, well i know this Ad from my overseas besties Ahda and he asked me to join the competition, so i joined this and let see, am i lucky enough or not :") Bismillahirahmanirahim, please God, i want to makes her happy :") let me get it! Amin :")

Saturday, March 19, 2011

things i carry everyday

things i carry everyday
things i carry everyday by amelia djamil featuring christian louboutin flats

1.victoria secret love spell body mist hijab (with different colours everyday) 3.animal print glasses 4.Flowery ring 5.Grey Backpack 6.Samsung corby 7.Revlon foundation/maybelinne 8.Black flats things r kinda heavy to carry lately,laptop,dictionaries,books, etc. so i prefer to use backpack and carry them all in one funtionals bag :)

Boyish is BACK

Boyish is BACK
Boyish is BACK by amelia djamil featuring mid rise skinny jeans

my dad shirt is also my fav, the patternsm the colours, the stripe, i love it! this is what i wore in friday :") more or less.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Easy A

"How Shitty it feels to be an outcast. Warranted or not."
Olive P, Easy A

well, i am an outcast for a day.
didn't get the invitation just appologize.
withour ur invitation, i know how to act,boy.
don't feel sorry for me, you know nothing bout me either.

red is daring

red is daring
red is daring by amelia djamil featuring taylor dresses

what i learn from wearing red hijab is confident, put this on whole day and you'll be outstanding, just like one of my friend told me "you look nice today" after watching London Boulevard on Tuesday :")

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

blue ocean

blue ocean
blue ocean by amelia djamil featuring wayfarer shades

having a deal with my besties to wear skirt today to campus, well i choose navy with purple as combination :")

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

toxic boss

If you are Indonesian, you'll be familiar with Mario Teguh Golden Ways, one of Metro Tv's Programme.
well, actually i'm not the loyal viewer bout this programme but the fun fact about this episode was the story before i watched the programme, my friend told me to watch this programme because she thought it relates to me, so yeah, last nite i turned on tv (which is something rare i do) and watched Metro Tv's and you know what i found :

Mario Teguh Said "how to refuse an assigmnet from your toxic boss is doing the assignment till the best"or In Indonesia " Cara terbaik untuk menolak pekerjaan dari atasan adalah mengerjakan pekerjaan itu sebaik-baiknya"
i love this quotes and inspired me to write this post, but unfortunetly i found something relates to me, but not much and this quotes really makes me laugh at that time,sorry if you don't understand, but its private jokes, actually! :")
have a nice sleep guys ;p

Sunday, March 13, 2011


weak ended

before i have hectic schedule i don't think weekend as the day i'm waiting for. well, i used to have a lot spare time . but since i don't know where the hectic come to me and ruined all my favourite daily activities i'm start to waits weekend every single day and having lovely weekend start from friday till sunday is rarely happened to me.
but it is happened this weekend, I have a BLAST weekend, thanks to Allah SWT.
  • Friday, got a treat and singing two hours in karaoke :") 
  • Saturday,  having a PMS but didn't stop me to shop with my mom and sisters all day and Finally visiting Islamic book fair 2011 and found books i'm searching for :)
  • Monday, visited by him and cooked pancake for him and ride a bycicle around with my youngest sister :)
So, i have full of energy to start new week and brand new day, no matter how late i could reach home from monday till thursday, i still have my weekend with my precious people, Thanks Ya Allah :")

there's no strenght without struggle, rite? :) Happy monday All :")

Friday, March 11, 2011

just the way i used to

just the way i used to
just the way i used to by amelia djamil featuring diesel jeans

white blouse always be my fav

The Convenant

Got a treat and hit the karaoke after that!

Well, the best song is the song we could sing along together 
Mr Brightside The Killers, Yellow Card Only One, Againts all odd Phill Collins, and the last Vierra Bersamamu tribute to my friend Milzam who look alike Vierra Pianist. hehe
Sorry for the quality of picture,taken from my friend camera phone :")
well, having a good day with my Fantastic Four Gank, but Widi and Nuni couldn't make it till done.
but its alrite,its okay.
And after arrived home, heard a bad news about Tsunami in Japan, we pray for you Japan :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


In my first year in college, i was being ask by my friends in high school,
"why you choose arabic as ur minor in university of Indonesia?"
well i always find my self confused to answer the Q. Arabic wasn't my option 
anyway, so i couldn't say i was choose arabic, but it was being chosen by my late daddy. well,in 
every case if my friend ask the same Q,i always using "my daddy choose" with no regret at all 
and then times flies, i'm studying arabic with hard work and my GPA is very good every semester,
with help from course i'm taking in saturday and sunday and i'm started to believe that 
this is what my daddy wanted and this is my way of life and  i'm enjoy.
but somehow i still find my self confused why i have to learn arabic. i'm not majoring arabic as well, till my 6th semester in  arabic literature i'm still stuttering speaking in formal or daily arabic languages and it keeps me 
thingking about my future? am i gonna lean my future based arabic which is i'm not good at?
especially in speaking? well, people says just be optimistic and you'll find a way or
you must try harder, but face the reality guys learning one language which is you blind at is difficult,
especially one of the hard ones, one of having complicated grammar and not latin alphabet.
and have you realize that how many years you learn english till you could use it easily and
speaking fluently? and did i mentioned that i also took english conversation class to make my english
better? so yeah i still have my dream to become one of the ambassador for arab countries for Indonesia
or at least being one of the people who work overseas and i'm still on my way believing i could reach it and if i have enough preparation i could make it but it still need a lot of courage, hard worker, patience and prayer.
i'm not talking bout how pesimistic i am as colleger but i just want they know the facts that learning language is not easy. really, it takes long process and learning language in college is not the same as you learning language in course. you should catch up with other subjects which is not only language, but history, art, culture, politics, social and etc. and it gets better if you like and the language and you'll take all the consequences and ready to face the reality.

and for you who's gonna choose major or minor in university, i told you that
"faculty of humanities may be one of the favourite as senior high student to choose, beside it has low point, but
what i want is they realize that just don't lean your future on almamater or low point, but make an effort to achieve what you want! learn harder and focus on what you want!
you might have difficult time rite now, choosing the rite option,but believe me,follow ur heart,cause when you follow
ur heart, ur not gonna blame anyone except ur self, cause that way, it is better, rite?"