Sunday, June 17, 2012

A for Alhamdulillah

Finally, I earned my bachelor degree. very happy yet still in normal mode since i really need to gain my knowledge and expand my networking. it was last friday my thesis presetation and i didn't nervous at all,  my beloved besties, Fitri came over in the morning and help me practice my presentation. so much love!

Fitri Fazrianti 
me, Dr. Apipupin, Tutur Furqan, Suranta M., Hum
Tutur Furqan S., Hum 
suddenly out of nowhere, there is this guy come in with his bright smile with my family. such an adorable boy you are dear :)

my family minus my big sister

At first, i was very shock bcoz my advisor told me only D-3 and i'm quite sure that i didn't have much time to do preparation but it turned out very well at the end. I'm very blessed and grateful to be loved right now, thanks dear mom for all your support and prayer, my big sister for her positive mind and motivation and my 3 younger sister for light up my life and ofcourse, dear R, you know me so well lah! :) I also want to say thanks to Fitri Fazrianti and Tutur Furqan for such a good company during this last semester, much love for both of you!