Wednesday, June 30, 2010

holiday for boring

easily bored is my middle name. wake up in afternoon, watching dvds till 4 pm and then almanar till 8pm watching fifa world cup or browsing till 11 or worse, 2 or 3 in the morning (depends on whose match it is) so thats my holiday. i really need real holidayyy!

Kampung Sampireun
Ratu harbour

Yeah, its kinda not grateful i am if i'm not say Alhamdulillah for everyplace i visited but now, i really want to get out of my house and may be snorkling (even i hate fish!) but i really want to try something new, really.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

hectic weekend

hello! long story shorted, i had a hectic weekend and i just want to share two event i attended on saturday.

on saturday morning, 6 o'clock i guess : i went to Alazhar Rawamangun, which is my two sister school cause my mom is one of the committe. i just have to deliver her, but i have other event in the afternoon, which is my classmate,Eka Murti wedd, so when i delivered my mom i brought my dress and shoes and blablaaa. You know what the event my mom took part, haa. its kinda funny cause my mom doesnt have son. it was "sunatan massal" i dunno what the english
version, but it is hmm, islamic or not, i'm not sure either, kinda a must tradition for a boy to get cut his thing. haha, understand please :) and when i get there i dont have nothing to do, so i just help another commitee in consumption divison, and what i've got is " breakfast for free!" yeyeyeyyy! but after that is the saddest part, my stomach have cramps. such a PMS things! i hate that! so i just lay down in the car waiting my uncle to drive me home :'( you know, that cramps thing ruined my plan to go to my classmate wedd. grrr!

so i arrived home in eleven, haa. i was dizzy and want to vomit, but i courage my self to still go to depok, which is veryyyyyyy far from my house so i can't took my honda beat or asked my uncle to take me there. so i took train and you know what, its hell day! very hot and crowded and my dizziness is getting worse, i did text my bestfriend to pick me up at station, but i tought, my friend wedding is once in her life, today is very special for her and i want to took part in it. so with my rest consequences i took train, and thanks God, someone gave me his chair and i could sit along the way. but the next thing i realize after arrived in university indonesia train station is all my friend already arrive and i dunno where is eka's house. so i took ojek, i'm sure ojek just existed in development country, haha. you know, one kind tranportation using motorcycle, thats kinda useful for someone like me :) and voila! i get there easily, cause he know the short-cut road to get there! yeyeyeyy! :) and the next thing i realize is my cramps is gone. really. just like magic and lucky me, i got home with my old friend accompanion Pamuka Prasetya Primantara, He took me till in front of my house, thank you :))

Eko Restiadi, me, Nuni Ratqan Amani, Desy Aryani, Fitri Fazriyanti, Defeny Parentya Daud, Widi Rahman

and after cramps,tired,migraine i got. on 7 in the evening, i got my special guest from Bandung :) that close my day very nice! thank you man, you save my day with ur foolness! lol :)

and today i went to Wijaya festival, and found this hachiko wanna be dog! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

winner takes it all :)

let say Alhamdulillah first and proudly i told you : i'm on of it, yeah! the announcment of UI Young and smart entrepreneur 2010 announced when i was in jogja and my two friends and also my rivals told me and then at the same time i'm trembling :( i cant connect to internet at that time! grr! but fortunetly, Adam M Karim, also my rivals with his kindness heart asked his friend to checked my name, and voila :

excited too much i guess. but i'm up to it :) i'm going to give presentation in front of the committee with my beloved bestfriends Dimas Rizky Pratomo :) and i'm sure you must be curious why my company called " BRB, Breakthrough Binder" haha!

Thanks for this oppurtunity God, love You as always :)

PS: my post about my trip could be my next post :) lots of fun :)