Tuesday, July 27, 2010

this and these and those. Alhamdulillah.

Dear God, maybe i'm not the best creature You made or the most religous You have. but faithfully i belive You, i believe Your destiny. i belive Your provision and i can't say anymore except Alhamdulillah. You gave me new path of life, new path of passion. not to mention i forgot my responsibility to finish what i started, but God, let me do this, let me make him and her proud, to do this on my own. to do this new responsibilty :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

korean festival is about passion

i've been waiting my last weekend since two weeks ago,cause i'm going to watch my friend Axa Agtiera perform in dance competition and meet MY HIGHSCHOOL GANG :)

Ridha, Fajar, Tegar, Axa,Amoy,me,Ocha and Mitha.

me and Axa

me and My twins

so i went to Hotel Salak the Heritage in Bogor, i arrived around 12.30 PM and Alhamdulillah, after a while we arrived, it was rainning.

The hotel is the most famous hotel in Bogor cause the building was built when Dutch still colonizing Indonesia. so it is very old and very historical building.

Well, i feel older when i was there, cause mostly, the crowd was the high and junior high student. haa. so we looked around the Hotel and me? dissaponited enousgh, The Hotel is not that big as i imagine. huu! cause there's nothing to buy, we waited in Istana Ballroom, cause Axa would perform around 3 or 4 PM there.

i don't have any photos when he was perform cause i used my digicam video-ing Axa. hee, and just spectacularly amazing and breathtaking. Axa is so gorgeous up there, huu. proud of you!

after we watched Axa, we bought some snack from :

the supermarket is around kebayoran lama, but forget the adress.

all IDR 25.000 (veryyyy cheap!)

the onion taste is just like the real onion plus salt, hmm.

our photoshoot on train :)

but after all happiness and togetherness, i miss someone in our lil crowd, my bestest!

he's somewhere around south korea, got scholarship and doing his bachelor degree in university of seoul. just miss his stupidipity around me ;'( come back soon, please.

but, what i learn at the most from my last weekend is about passion!
Axa do the dance cause he's willing to do it, stage is his kingdom and whatever people said about him, i just really loves how he moves his body when he dance and he got first winner at the competition.
and Ahda do the scholarship just because he really loves learning language, mastering in three different language, english, germany, jappanesse, and now got scholarship for studying korean.

is all about passion rite?
and now i'm wondering what my passion is.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the interview!

remember the enterpreneurship program i joined with my besties Dimas Rizki Pratomo?yeah. today is the interview.

i had a long term bad mood cause my friend told me how scaryyyy their interview was. but it was before Dimas came to my home and with his calmness just say "slow" grr! i was mad at him but he got bad cold yesterday. so i just let him go home and what we did yesterday is nothing :( and then i thought why i always thinks so hard and too much worry about something? after thinking so long and so hard i turn on my laptop and watched Glee season one and go to sleep. no worry about it, don't wanna think about it and no matter what,just relax!

So today i had very veryyyy good day!(surprisingly!) to good to be true i guess :))
i went to campus at 8 and watched Dimas R P match with suprisingly my high school friends at Pertamina Hall Faculty of economic.

after that we had lunch in kansas, prayer and check Dimas's scholarship and Alhamdulillah he got it, also my besties Fitri Fazriyanti! i'll have good lunch for next semester :) after that we practiced our proposal just for 30 minutes. what a crazy day!

after that is the interview,we went to Science park near Rektorat and wait the interviewee with laughing and gossip. what a bestfried he is and the interviewee come along and we got the interview with 'slow' he is very generous, kind, expert in consulting and very sharpthinker. so the interview went well, i could say..i'm happy with my interview, i satiesfied enough with his opinion,suggestion and critical :) aaaahh just couldn't say more except Alhamdulillah,Thanks God!

and today isnt over, Dimas treat me in pizza restaurant! and bought jcool :D Alhamdulillah!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sleep over!

LOVE YOU GOD! you answered my prayer :)
my last post was about me complaining about how miserable i am during my holiday.
but, God is fair enough, He sent me my two bestfriend to sleep over! haha :) love this

we were making proposal for Sekolah Mapres, the event i took for next semester with Nuni and we talked a and ate a lot till morning :)

but nobody's perfect, my beloved besties, Defeny P D didn't show up cause her house outside my city! hee but in the afternoon we watched eclips together with Defeny and having lunch in seafood resto and thanks God twice, all of my bestfriend undestood enough didn't order fish, cause me and Nuni have a huge paranoid about them ;)

i wanna post about me and my family redecorate our home and makes my room look alike a boutique but i could do it tommorrow or someday, cause my home really a mess till now :( need help :)

Monday, July 5, 2010


this holiday for boring really makes me sick. why? its because i don't have a lot activities to do. thanks for fifa world cup, they save my holiday :) but in my country fifa world cup aired around mid night, so my insomnia habit worse than ever! its not the first worse list i have during my holiday. i also have lame brain, i dunno why, when i got too much free time my brain run slowler-slower and voila, i lost my study oriented brain. when i was in campus i just have lil time doing my assignment or hang out with my friends or working on event project. damn i miss my busy day a lot and the third and the most BORING for my holiday is :in almanar i just have 2 girlfriends and i spent almost all my time with five boyfriends and sometime they bored me a lot so i miss my girlfriends in campus a lot.talking about gossip, daily activities, boys and assignment, etc. grr! i miss our favourite place in canteen :'( miss you badly.