Saturday, May 29, 2010


almost 23.15 rite now but i dont have mood to packing my stuff.
i just arrive after took my mom gift in photo shop with all of a sudden accompanion from my so called ex boyfriend and bought some candies and ice cream :) you still owe me a lot of things man! haha.

today i watched my sister in SANCETION 2010 saman dance competition in Artha Gading mall. i dunno why i'm not enjoyin the crowd, haha, yes you are not, it was high school event mell! you are older! haha.
but they have a tricky and valuable strategy! the ticket contains food and drink with 15.000 price so actually the ticket price was just 5000 rupiah. cheeeppyyy! haha

i have to watch my sister cause my mom, my older sister and the youngest one went to Bogor to attending my auntie son 'aqiqah' in islamic ways for baby who just born. So, me and my second little sister have to give support for my sister, Efa! GO GO GO BIG GIRLS!

she was upset because her perfomance was not good enough! at least you try dearest!
but you still the best girl, love yaa!
and this is my second broken ankle lil sis with me, so during the day i have to take care of her.

and this is my suitcase, just blanket, small pillow, towel and mukena.

need to pack! need to pack!
Malang & Jogja here i come! :)
too excited to visit the third city, i didn't mention it because i just afraid.
afraid that it is just a dream :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


good morning fellas!

my holiday start tomorrow, so today is the last day i'm going to campus :)
event i attended for this holiday, just a few of them, financial problem could be the basic reason! i'm bankrupt since festival timur tengah held. lol.
first, i'm going to Bogor tomorror until saturday to visit my grandma and celebrating my mommy birthday! God, the present is not ready yet.
second, i'm going to Malang-Jogja-Bandung on monday-friday, so i just have one day preparation on sunday. My mom all of a sudden ask me just a few minutes ago to have a trip to Bogor, actually its okay, but i already have another appoinment, first, tomorrow i have to meet someone and on saturday i have to take my certificate in my english course and have lunch with my ex classmate!
But! how could i refuse my mom request, sunday is her birthday! so yeaaah, i have to say sorry for everybody i make promises.

and still wishing for

UI Young & Smart Entreperneur Program 2010

and become the winner :)

wish me luck guys!

off to bath, love ya!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

new bussiness

hello fellas!
me and my bff, Dimas Rizki Pratomo just sign up for a bussiness plan competition and hell yeah!
and i love our breakthrough idea!

running a bussiness is not a new stuff for me but produce my own brand is the first time for me,Oh God, i'm just so nervous! but its new experiment workin' with my calm and wise bestfriend. he wrote me as the owner and president directure in our proposal, what so funny!
i just so grateful that he and his calmness just follow me and my craziness about making this bussiness.hee ;)

i just cannot wait any longer to hear the announcement! :) and a lot more stories coming through when i won this battle!
wish me luck :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

my project this year!

i sign up for 2 event for the rest of this year, i need more actually, but my classes are tight and i have arabic cources (Almanar) after campus, monday till friday 17.00-20.00, so instead skip classes in both campus and Almanar, it is the best decision to pick two big event for the rest of this year. when i take care festival timur tengah, i skipped my almanar classes almost two weeks and my lecturer told me to catch up lil bit faster!
but the most important reason is my quality time with my family. i spend my monday-friday with my gang Almancer (Almanar ceria, cheerful in english) so its unfair for my family if i've got too busy with my activities. because i really miss our dinner and chitchat after praying. so i have to give my weekends for them :)
and the events are :

first : "sekolah mapres"
held for the fisrt time by KKP division of BEM FIB UI
again and again, i'm the head of event division.
my project officer is my beloved besties, nuni ratqan amani.
the event is all about preparation for being mapres (mahasiswa berperestasi) hmm. in english is student achievers? hmm, i'm not quite sure.
but the event is just so exciting!
i imagine to have how to make appropriate paper and how to be a good presentator and motivation trainning and etc.
i also planning to have one day research for the participants around my campus.
and the classes divide into four meeting in every saturday on october 2010.
again again i have to sacrifice my weekend! sigh.

and the second is "Festival Budaya"
how cool its that sound?! yes it is cool! i won the first stand exhibition last year!

arabic stand!
i'm wearing hareem pants ;)

but this year i'm the official not participant.
i'm on the staff division as the head of carnaval.
carnaval, how does it sound? exciting? yes!
i take care the theme of the carnaval, the route, the budget,the security,etc.
but the big theme for this year festival budaya is geger jakarta tempo dulu.
how say it in english?hmm.still wondering.
and event division having meeting every wednesday at16.00.
love this too, having great time with those girls.
and we're planning to have team building in ancol beach restaurant segarra or la bridge.hee ;)
can't wait any longer! hee ;)

so, my next post could be about those two event process.
and maybe, i will join OKK UI 2010 (event for new student) to say welcome to my beloved sister, Miftahul Janah because she's one of the law faculty new student this year.

enough for me tonight, excuse me to continue my assignment.

Friday, May 7, 2010

festival timur tengah

this is my latest event on my campus and proudly present by my minor : arabic literature!
i'm again and again on event division as a head of college student competition. i have four staff and each of them responsible for one competition and they are Husein for reading poetry, Nuni for speech contest, Santi for Essay and presentation and the last, my cutest staff, Alvyonita for Debate.
and this is half of event division.

it was big event and hectic days i had but i have my lovely project officer and my crazy head of division and proudly,both of them are girls.
Miss Gina and Miss Yuni :

they are the most inspirable girs i met,love them.
and this is official photo after closing ceremony, almost 23.00.

this is the first time for my minor held this big event, the financial problem is the major problem and all of us doubt about this event. our prayers answered and this is become such a success event! the crowd the bazaar the seminar and the participant are AWESOME! my friends from another minor giving positive opinion about it and i can't stand for smiling because that compliment, but held a national event is not easy! believe me. you'll find tears and anger and sadness while making it but it worth to try :)

this is our lil preaparation ;
put on banner in front of University on Indonesia Stasion @ 21.00

our last meeting before d-day @ our lovely "temporary office" or let say IKPD office.

new spirit!

afternoon all, finally i found my newest title for my blog :) after rethinking for more than two weeks i found this title on my way home from campus. its just pop from my lame brain and voila! i make this blog :)
this blog will contains my experience in making an event on my campus. i was joined (not much) event since highschool and i always on event division. thats my basic reason i make this blog. to share my experience indeed.hope its gonna give you inspiration :)
before i post a lot of my activities on meeting and blablabla, excuse me for having my daily activities and it was learning arabic language at Al Manar. so i'll catch up later :)