Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1001 things living in Morocco

Hello there, do you still with me? well, another things to concern about living abroad is behaviour of the native. You know the feeling when you see foreign people in the street and you saw them from top to toe or just take a glance to them well in this case it will be reverse. Living abroad will give you another feeling at least being different or minority. But don't be afraid, time will heal. Now i'm going to tell you about a guide living in Rabat, Morocco.
1. Morocco people do not use Modern Standard Arabic in their daily life (so do all arabic countries) they prefer to use Darija, their own dialect language and French. You know english and fluent in english? forget it, no one will understand you except aiport attendance.
2.Composisition of religion in Morocco are Muslim 98.7%, Christian 1.1%, Jewish 0.2%. Even muslim is the majority, they are not extreme like in gulf countries, they are more open minded and copy paste all french culture. You're going to feel walking in Europe with arab face rather than being in islamic country.
3.Transportation in Morocco is good. Petit Taxi is surprisingly communal, not exclusive for one passenger even the price is reasonable. Grand Taxi is not recommended for foreign because well that old mercedes is creepy and many pickpocket inside however the price is cheap. Tram also good, but it require a lot of walking. Bus in the city is rarely to be found. Bus intercity called CTM (the national bus) is very recomended and safe, other bus company is also safe but not comfy. Train is more expensive than bus, but there is night train and very comfy for long distance travel.
4.About accomodation like housing. Actually Rabat is more expenisive than Casablanca. Especially area like Agdal, just like Kemang in Jakarta or Orchard Road in Singapore or between them, the thing is the appartment in Agdal is expensive but you can find cheaper appartement in Rabat in area called Khomro, near the bus station, well, they said its not safe but there's always price to pay.

Now for girls, why i have to write separately? arab man famous for their not so good behaviour toward woman, so this is tips from me.

During day lights there are many police around, so don't afraid. But during night, there are many boys hang out in the street looking from top to toe and saying something well not polite. How to avoid this kind of condition are

  • Do not wandering around alone in the night, especially after 9 pm.
  • Do not wear something revealing.
  • Do not smile to strangers, they will think you like them
  • Walk with strong and fierce face, its really works.
  • Even more wiser to avoid street full of boys
Actually, its not as hard as it looks like but still avoid harrasment and all the bad things to you by doing this tips will be very helpful.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Obstacle of living abroad

Hello again!

I'm going to tell about how to prepare your self living abroad, well, may be i'm not the one who know everything, but all i share in here is only my 3 months experience living abroad. Actually, Morocco is 4 season country (don't be shock) even it is in Africa, but North Africa, 30 minutes reached by fery from Spain. Well, not only Morocco, but countries with four seasons is really different from my beloved tropical sunny and rainny Indonesia.So, let's start!

1. Weather
Check all the weather circumtances during your visit to that country. its important because if you're not get used with either very cold or very hot, it will be trouble for you to survive. Because if you get sick while you're abroad, its really painful. all the medicine is expensive. Moreover, if you from tropical country like me, it wiser to just lend a thick coat from your friend in your country and bring it also if you want to buy boots, buy it when you arrived, the price is more reasonable than in ur country.

Fluent in english is always helpful, but don't forget sometimes its not gonna work.because not all people fluently speaking in english so knowing the 2nd language of that countries also good for your preparation, buy small pocket of daily language will help you survived.

Bring some spices from your countries and mixed it with ingredients originally from your destination country just to make your belly not reject the taste of the new food or simply eat something internationally.

Understanding how the community works in that countries also benefit to survive. For example, the religion majority, the custom and behaviour of people, how to asked question to native, how they live in family, how they speak to older and younger people? how they study? and many more 5W and H. You can simply google it or read the news.

5.Embassy and Student Organization.
If your country have embassy in that country, get in touch with them. no matter what happend they are your guard in that country, visit them once in a while just to make sure that they know you're alive or simply healthy. However, get in touch with student from your country who studying there also beneficial, actually they are really excited if there will be new comers. they will help all the things you need and for the bonus the will become your guide while you traveling throughout the country.

Well, that's only five, yeah its not so hard to living abroad if you come prepared. cheers. 

About Ibn Batuta Scholarship

Dear anyone, whoever you are who read my very quite blog, i want to share about my short course to morocco, hope you're enjoying my blog! I'm going to make it Q&A so you don't have to read my non sense writing. kekeke!

1.What is the name of the scholarship?
The name of the scholarship i applied is "Ibn Batuta Scholarship for Peace and Diplomacy"

2.Do we have to pay the admission for applying?
This scholarship is free of charge since its only apply by online.

3.How about the chance to win this scholarship?
This scholarship is known worldwide (for people who studying arabic) and very competitive. If there's 200 applicants, only 5 who'll get the scholarship.

4. What is the differences between the full and partial scholarship?
The full scholarship covered housing and tuititon fees. The partial only tuition fees.

5.What covered and not covered by this scholarship?
The full scholarship winner gets housing include appartment, wifi, pick up bus, breakfast and tuition fees and this scholarship didn't give you cash for living cost and airfare neither you're full or partial winner.

6. What is the name of the institution?
The name of the school i attended is Qalam wa Lawh centre for arabic studies in Rabat.

7.How's the method of learning?
This school adopted America method in learning arabic, actually its really effective. everyday all the staff and teachers try to speak in arabic and they also really try to not use english around school. also, everyday you have to prepare a story to tell in front of your class and twice a week there will be an excurcion around Rabat, either go to museum or historical places, just to get used to with arabic speakers.

8.How's the exam and standard of the school?
There are 9 level offered in the school and every level duration is 4 weeks and every two weeks there is an exam, middle exam and at the end of the month is final and presentation exam. The minimum point to passed is 60, below 60 you remained in that level.

9.Do we get transcript and certificate?
Yes, at the end of your study.

10.How long we have to wait for the annoucment?
One or two month after the deadline date. It published in facebook page and they will email you.

I hope you'll find this Q&A section very helpful, actually there's not so many things to do to apply this scholarship if you read all the instruction here, but i just want to make it clear :) Happy applying! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012


In this cold rainy morning,i took train from Kinetra to Rabat with my fellow Indonesian after attending seminar about Indonesia Islamic understanding. Frankly speaking, we just knew each other this morning and every single time i know someone new they always asked me "what will you do after come to Indonesia?" well, fool me, i still confused to choose which answer will be the most honest and pure from my heart. it seems -me,being here right away after i graduated- was a very sudden event in my life. i really can't help my self to answer every question with very strong decision and willingness. yeah i want to work, but can i? and even i want to pursue my master, do i have eligible criteria? oh God, how could i respond all this question and moreover, responsible for what i've done?

"knock-knock,  hello, are you there answer?"

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Typical Weekend

I've been spending time with my morocco friends these days. They just so lovely!

Lunch with Bursha, France teacher in Dar al bayda and for additional info, she is k-pop fans too!
Dinner with morocco boys in their appartment in Sale, so much fun and laughter and the funny question is "would Indonesia women marry with morocco man and stay in morocco?"kekekekke~

Alhamdulillah, Fursah Saidah! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

عــيد مــبارك

since the first time i came here, i noticed that i'll spend Ied Adha in here, i'm kinda nervous because i don't know so many peole at first and yeah it turns out that all Indonesian people who lived in Morocco invited by the embassy to celebrate Ied together, which is super cool, it means free food. kekeke!

this last goat is palying hard to get, btw it from the King

I'm so blessed that Indonesian in Rabat are very kind, they welcoming everybody and we help each other to prepare the BBQ. i also touched by all the people who really nice to talking with me since i'm newbie and stay here only 3 months. Allah is kind.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


The first day i arrived in Rabat, my moroccons friend pick me up with her dad and after one month in here we're kinda busy and always cancelled our hang out time but we manage our saturday afternoon meeting and her family invite me to have lunch in their beautiful house and they served tajine, morocco traditional food which is superb! Thanks to Abla! Love this girl. 

Temara Beach, no wave at all. very dissapointing.

Friday, October 5, 2012

BBQ Party

The funny thing about my school is every month there will be a graduation ceremony for they who'll leave the school after the final exam and presentation, so every last friday in a month we have BBQ party! 

explaining weather and politic in Indonesia in arabic, well~

The system in my school is very simple, just like english course in Indonesia, you can take 2/4 weeks or 12 weeks course and the class is based on placement tets result and they still give you certificate at the end of your course, but it will be better if you stay longer so you gained more studies (ofcourse!) but if you don't have time you can apply for 2 weeks only during your holiday and you still gained much! well,still 8 weeks to go for me and i hope my B3 studies will improve my arabic skill! yeayness ahead, Insha Allah!

home sweet home

Indonesian people don't need visa to stay in Morocco for 90 days and i'll stay here only 89 days so i don't need visa to stay in here, but i met employee of Indonesia embassy in Bab-al had and i have to report and blabla~ well, as a good citizens from Jakarta, i came to the embassy which is super cool and very Indonesia! and every friday they served indonesia lunch for freeeee~ wooohooo!

with 'The princess of Rabat' 
this is uber cool, one full set of gamelan!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Travelling to Fes and Meknes, Fes is awesome! i think i will be back to Fes once again to see vorubilis, the roman ruin, but Meknes is kinda so-so, may be because i went there in sunday when everything closed, so yeah, here are some photos taken in Old Medina in Fes.

Traveling to Fes and Meknes cost me only 500 dhm without shopping, so when something cheap is coming i'm so satiesfied.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bab-al Had

I'm very blessed to know Mas Sukmahadi before i went to Morocco, he's just very helpful and kind enough to reply all my messages and question. 
i just love Rabat sky, yes?
The king grave with Hassan tower, it should be the tallest tower in the world but the construction is  stopped
He taught me how the busses and tram way working in Rabat, indeed very helpful and the best thing is he took me to Bab al-had, very cheap market and all stuff is made in china! i just can't stand cheap price. Oh God.


First week in school is just like a snap, i'm too busy to just laying in my bed but well, i manage to have one day trip to Casablanca (Dar al abyad) with my classmates. In the morning we took train from Rabat, its only one hour.

75dhm for tix from Agdal-Casa
only 55dhm, bargaining is asian style
the 3rd biggest mosque in the world, if you want take a tour inside, it cost 60 dhm. the first time i went to the mosque and paid for it. moroccons style.
atlantic ocean, first time to see the wave, you literaly could die swimming there, but if you take a look, there r some moroccons who swim, so well, yeah.
@ Rick's cafe, well known as the cafe in Casablanca movie.
Actually Casablanca is more like Jakarta, the busiest and biggest city ever. Not so safe and people is just come and go, its kinda not so lively living there, hehehe.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moroccons style

Life so far..

My guardian angels, my flat mate Eva and Meredith
Its kinda new for me, everything in here. i never knew that i would be this shock living in Rabat, although its very fine city. in here is less populated, less traffic and i find my self enjoying walking. that's new. but two weeks in here is the solid work for me, i miss my family like everyday, i feel itchy all over my body and it was turned out allergy and i don't know what kind allergy is effected my body and my new hobby is eating. i just eat like everytime. i'm tired with all the new activties in class and in club. but at the same time i'm overjoyed to meet new friends and people and i met. 

Monday, September 10, 2012


been accepted as student in Qalam wa Lawh Arabic studies centre in Rabat, Morocco. oke, i'm insane, this is uber cool, madness and insane.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Burj al Khalifa

I've got a chance to stay in Dubai for 8 hours only. Thanks to emirates. 

short trip always makes me happy~