Sunday, May 8, 2011

Finally Home

i applied K2N UI couples months ago with hoping that i could passed the test and going to Indonesia Outer Island like Pulau Waigeo, Pulau Mianggas, Pulau Berhala, etc but fortunately i failed. well, Alhamdulillah. at first i tought by joining the programme i could relax a bit from this metropolis city for a while and refreshing my mind after roller coaster life for more than 3 months, but i glad that i failed the test. why? its simply because i should stay away from my family almost 36 days without communication ( there's no  phone signal or internet out there) and eating seafood which is i patheticly scare of them. so instead of relax and refreshing and holiday.. i'm going to slowly dying out there. so rite away after middle east festival done, me and my family having superb weekend and this is all i need not relaxing, refreshing and holiday, just quality time with them, love you all sisters and mother :")

they pick me up on friday and directly having creambath together :")
 wathced Riri dancing in her school, very cute.
my mom, Riri and Efa.

got one night free at Orchradz Hotel in Central Jakarta :")
Alhamdulillah Ya Rahman, thanks for everything! :")

Saturday, May 7, 2011

general secretary

Finally middle east festival 2011 is done.
great job guys,love you all most! :)