Saturday, August 28, 2010

break-fasting time!

Ramadhan bring togetherness, and it is true! yippie!
I met my english course gank in friday and my junior high besties, junior high people! haa! love them :) we never been able to meet since two years ago, aahrg! miss them a lot!

in friday had a dinner at Bumbu Desa Cikini with super spicy sambals and Es Cendol! :)

Atynia, me, Kiki and Icha

and for the first time for me,i went to Grand Indonesia in saturday and checked out F21 and little thing she needs,both of them so cute :) but didn't find cute ring and necklace.hee

Adot & Tasya, we called ourself : Threesome!
still forgot why we named it.

three of us using samsung touch, both of them samsung star and me corby! what a coinsidence!

Love them!
friendship since junior high, three of us passed a lot of things together,haa! i just wanna laugh while remembering all of ours stupidity.hee!
hope our friendship stays forever girls :)

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