Saturday, October 23, 2010

truth or dare

i was playing truth or dare yesterday and got the question which is turned down my heart.
"what is feels like, living without father?"
well, its kinda heart attacking when your friend ask you directly. but its okay. i'll answer.
it was hard, living without your guardian and step on earth without his wise speech.
it was hard, living with ur mother who's just 37 and having 3 young sister and one older sister.
it was hard, living without grandpa and doesnt have male figure.
it was hard,living with sorrow and tears.
it was hard, living without the stability of financial.
but its okay, it was life changing moment for me and my family. it was the day when everything seems to be dark and there's no lights shone.
but its okay, it was the day when i got university of indonesia, my sisters went to high school, junior high and elementary school, cause we distracted with all the new stuff.
but its okay, it was the strange feeling to be more stronger, more responsible, more bold.
but its okay, it was the day when me and my family realize to love each other no matter what.

and everything okay, everything went well, after 2,5 years without my father, we maintance our financial, we goes to school with bright achievement, my old sister graduated and have a job, its okay to live without father financialy, but its still not okay living without his love around.

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