Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1001 things living in Morocco

Hello there, do you still with me? well, another things to concern about living abroad is behaviour of the native. You know the feeling when you see foreign people in the street and you saw them from top to toe or just take a glance to them well in this case it will be reverse. Living abroad will give you another feeling at least being different or minority. But don't be afraid, time will heal. Now i'm going to tell you about a guide living in Rabat, Morocco.
1. Morocco people do not use Modern Standard Arabic in their daily life (so do all arabic countries) they prefer to use Darija, their own dialect language and French. You know english and fluent in english? forget it, no one will understand you except aiport attendance.
2.Composisition of religion in Morocco are Muslim 98.7%, Christian 1.1%, Jewish 0.2%. Even muslim is the majority, they are not extreme like in gulf countries, they are more open minded and copy paste all french culture. You're going to feel walking in Europe with arab face rather than being in islamic country.
3.Transportation in Morocco is good. Petit Taxi is surprisingly communal, not exclusive for one passenger even the price is reasonable. Grand Taxi is not recommended for foreign because well that old mercedes is creepy and many pickpocket inside however the price is cheap. Tram also good, but it require a lot of walking. Bus in the city is rarely to be found. Bus intercity called CTM (the national bus) is very recomended and safe, other bus company is also safe but not comfy. Train is more expensive than bus, but there is night train and very comfy for long distance travel.
4.About accomodation like housing. Actually Rabat is more expenisive than Casablanca. Especially area like Agdal, just like Kemang in Jakarta or Orchard Road in Singapore or between them, the thing is the appartment in Agdal is expensive but you can find cheaper appartement in Rabat in area called Khomro, near the bus station, well, they said its not safe but there's always price to pay.

Now for girls, why i have to write separately? arab man famous for their not so good behaviour toward woman, so this is tips from me.

During day lights there are many police around, so don't afraid. But during night, there are many boys hang out in the street looking from top to toe and saying something well not polite. How to avoid this kind of condition are

  • Do not wandering around alone in the night, especially after 9 pm.
  • Do not wear something revealing.
  • Do not smile to strangers, they will think you like them
  • Walk with strong and fierce face, its really works.
  • Even more wiser to avoid street full of boys
Actually, its not as hard as it looks like but still avoid harrasment and all the bad things to you by doing this tips will be very helpful.

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