Friday, January 7, 2011

ice caramel nut latte without cream

i'm asking my self the basic reason i want to make BRB as my 1st project, its all because i want to sell a design, a creativity.. but then i realize that i'm not majoring photoshoped, corel draw, macromedia, or whatever profesionally..and then times goes by and i still did not think bout it seriously..i'm taking middle east festival in heavy weight in my mind and heart till i dont have a lot of time to rethink bout how important BRB in my life, at least the responsibilty to UIYSEP..till i decide to meet my old friend who help me practice for the interview with the judges from UIYSEP..he help me with asking some tricky and killer question that may be i can't answer that and also give me a wish answer..and times flies by..we lost contact,he was busy with his thesis and i'm busy with this and that till today i decide to meet him for my own goodness, for BRB..
after,2,5 hours talking bout BRB,i came up with conclusion that i did not take BRB seriously,i did not have a well done preparation of making BRB and all he asking is just "how far you could taking this seriously?"
that question,only one,but i'm taking it deeply..

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