Monday, July 5, 2010


this holiday for boring really makes me sick. why? its because i don't have a lot activities to do. thanks for fifa world cup, they save my holiday :) but in my country fifa world cup aired around mid night, so my insomnia habit worse than ever! its not the first worse list i have during my holiday. i also have lame brain, i dunno why, when i got too much free time my brain run slowler-slower and voila, i lost my study oriented brain. when i was in campus i just have lil time doing my assignment or hang out with my friends or working on event project. damn i miss my busy day a lot and the third and the most BORING for my holiday is :in almanar i just have 2 girlfriends and i spent almost all my time with five boyfriends and sometime they bored me a lot so i miss my girlfriends in campus a lot.talking about gossip, daily activities, boys and assignment, etc. grr! i miss our favourite place in canteen :'( miss you badly.

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