Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it's not about how long

have you ever wondering why couple could survive in long term realtionship and never get bored with each other? or one couple who struggle in long distance relationship? well well, since a lot of my friend asked me
"how could you?" i tell you how.

since my first year in college i already have a boyfriend, lets call him RW.  he was my course mate and the brightnest one, smart in all the subject we studied and very charming (he was) hehe, the last time i remember why i like him at first was the way he teaching our classmate about some economic graphics and he was the only one who understood the problem and yeah, whatever it was, at that very momment, i like him! well times flies and after we graduated from high school we choose different university, he goes to University of Padjajaran and me University of Indonesia, he took Accounting and me Arabic and we decided to keep this relationship in distance (despite his home and mine only 10 minutes to reach,hehe) 

but surprisingly, the fresh graduated senior high students could maintain the relationship almost 3 years, with a lot of tears, fight & miscommunication and did some break up couple months ago, we made it! yeah! thats why couple who doing LDR having some, you know, something special..
we didn't have lunch everyday together, i walk alone on my way home, we separated for a month and he doing everything without my help and thats okay and thats just the way i want, we want! we want to (still) have our private life privately, we're doing our stuff, like organization and hang out with our own friends and we're okay with that and thats makes dating is just more special than friendship, makes realtionship isn't something we should think at first in our college time but there always be someone who texted you in the morning :") hehe

but, thats only the fun facts, the sad fact is when you need him badly, he's not around and i hate this feeling lately and wanna have him around, asked him to come home earlier and suddenly calling him everynight just to make sure he'll home soon, hehe! but thats the art of Long distance, when you're boyfriend around you 24/7, you missed the time when you should missing him, you're gonna start with unecessary cat fight because you live with his daily life and i'm not okay with that, i'm going to easily boring with our realtionship if he's around,hehe 

so if there's one of you still asking how could? i could do this because me and RW having our commitment to stay close, to maintain this relationship higher and better :)
am i right, Mhaw? :")


  1. i've just read this post, and i just feel envy badly hihi
    but i still don't think i could do the same
    i enjoy my 24/7 relationship with my special one :p
    can't imagine if i have to live separately from him
    btw, long last ya kak *amin*

  2. every couple has their own rule Ulle, and maybe it is the best for me and him and also that is the best for you and him :) but sometime, i also envy with short distance realtionship couple,like you :( hehe
    long last too Ulle :)